Commercial Design

Commercial Interior Designs

Regardless of whether you are redesigning your office or setting up a new hotel, it’s vital to pick designs that will coordinate with the engineering, suit your everyday undertakings, and awe clients and customers.
As commercial interior designers in Tumkur, we understand the importance of space presentability and designs that can leave a long lasting impression on the guests. We have been a pro in commercial interior designs in Tumkur from last 20 years and have been successful in designing the most unique office decor that can leave anyone spellbound.


Regardless of how much you earn via your business, our charges are very reasonable. We offer you value-added services without compromising on quality and design.
For over 20 years, Bihomzz has proficiently designed both residential and commercial spaces.. We ensure that our designs are successful at both practical and aesthetic level.
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As a matter of first importance, we know that it is so vital to discuss with the customer keeping in mind the end result they would want. The amount of seating required, the space to be utilized, and the theme to be chosen are all considered while framing the outline. We additionally discuss with the architects to ensure that our design can collaborate with the design of the building.


We supply raw materials for residential as well as commercial interiors. The raw materials are tested and certified to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality. Being the best commercial interior designers in Tumkur, we believe in serving the customers and keeping them happy. Our actions speak louder than our words!