Residential Design

Residential Interior Design - Services:

Every Home deserves a harmonic feel that adds to the Wow quotient, the moment you step-in to the house! Gone are the days when a home was considered just an investment or a roof to shelter the family. Today, a home is more about style, comfort, & design! Thanks to the creative interior designers who are are on a mission to beautify every home that reflects the personality of an individual.
Bihomzz is a dedicated Interior Design company in Tumkur who has been active in home decor from last 20 years. We supply exclusive raw materials used in home interiors. Our primary goal of the residential design is the customized comfort. And the key to achieving comfort in interior design is to go beyond just the visual i.e; space, color, and lighting. We address to all the senses i.e; the senses to hear & touch. By engaging all senses, we are sure to achieve a true harmony in your space.

Art Deco:

We comprehend the developing interest in workmanship nowadays and furthermore acknowledge the way Art adds to the decor. Art Deco, as a design movement was inspired by industrialization and technical progress. Striking geometric examples in symmetrical courses of action and energetic, differentiating hues were used to reflect the art forms. Materials ranging from aluminum to stainless glass and steel to plastic were used. Our specialists comprehend the significance of Art Deco and will outline your living arrangement the way you have always wanted.

Modern Art

Regardless of whether your longing is for Ancient art, Modern art or contemporary art, our experts possess an in-depth knowledge and experience to justify your home. Being the best interior designer in Tumkur from last 20 years, we have left a stamp in the business and have exceeded expectations to win the hearts of our customers.
Need your home to mirror your identity? Need the specialists to help you? Interface with us and we will do the needful!